What is it like to travel on the Douro Historical

What is it like to travel on the Douro Historical Train?

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The Douro region in Portugal is emblematic for its unique and magnificent landscapes. If you want to get to know the territory in a different and unforgettable way, you must try the Douro Historical Train!

Along the route, that takes place by the river, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the incredible views, characterized by terraces and vineyards associated with wine production in the region. You will also have the chance to observe small farms and villages, in a perfect communion between Man and Nature.


What is the Historic Douro Railway Train Line like?

The construction of the Historic Douro Railway Line began at the end of the 19th century. Over the years, this line was extended throughout the northern region of Portugal. Rail connections with Spain were also developed.


Currently, the Douro Line is managed by the company CP - Comboios de Portugal and has a length of 172 km. It makes stops in 32 stations, in a route that takes place mostly by the river.


Historic train line in the Douro


The Historical Train Route in the Douro

The Douro Historical Train, a steam locomotive dating from 1925, starts its journey at Régua station. Towards the town of Pinhão, it passes the Bagaúste dam and continues along the right bank of the river, crossing the Covelinhas station. When you arrive in Pinhão, it is possible to see 24 tile panels, which characterize the people and customs of the land. Given its artistic richness, the station is known as the most beautiful of the Douro Line.


Setting off in the direction of Tua, the locomotive crosses the Douro Wine Valley. When the train starts to approach the Tua river, the scenery becomes rockier and sharper. Before reaching its destination, it passes by the emblematic metal bridge, a much-acclaimed moment during the journey. At this last stop, you can enjoy the beauty of the Douro River and the surrounding scenery until it's time to return to Régua.


What is the Historical Train journey like?

The Historic Train journey, which takes place during the summer months, is full of incredible moments of connection with the natural surroundings and simultaneously of contact with the art that represents the local experiences.


On board the locomotive, consisting of 5 wooden carriages with a capacity for 250 people, you will travel 36 km at an average speed of 50 km/h. The journey will allow you to test your senses in the discovery of the surrounding area in an atmosphere of charm, comfort and typicality.


This route is internationally recognized for its beauty and authenticity by the UIC - International Union of Railways.


A tour full of flavours


Points of Interest along the tour

The experience aboard the Douro Historical Train in Douro is much more than a simple trip. On board the locomotive, you can get to know the Alto Douro Wine Region, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO since 2001 due to the richness of its cultural landscape.
Throughout the tour, which passes through emblematic places in the region, you will feel like you are on a journey into the past where you can learn about the culture and history of the Douro.


During the route, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a musical moment provided by a local group. Also, you can taste the characteristic Bôla (bread baked with pork) and the traditional Port Wine.


Cruise + Douro Historical Train

If you want to enjoy the best the region has to offer discover our programs, which include a cruise and a trip on the Douro Historical Train. The Régua - Pinhão Cruise and Historical Train program is short and includes lunch on the cruise and a train trip. The Porto - Régua Cruise and Historical Train is suitable for those who want a day-long adventure, with breakfast and lunch on the boat and a locomotive trip.


For those curious about the region, the 3 Days: Douro Historical Train program includes meals, accommodation and visits to emblematic places that will make you fall in love with the Douro!


Lunch on the Douro with Cruise and Train



The Douro combines history, culture and tradition in a sublime way. The magical and harmonious environment invites you to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the region.


One of the area's main attractions is the Historical Train, which runs through places of interest on an emblematic journey for all ages. Discover now our Cruises with Douro Historical Train programs and don't miss the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience in the Douro!

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