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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Doubts when booking

Can I make a cruise booking directly on the website?

Yes. The reservation request is made by completing and submitting the form belonging to each programme. Clicking the "Request Info" button will let our employees know that you are interested in a trip. Afterwards, you will be contacted to clarify any doubts and then formalise the request in writing, check the availability of the desired cruise and thus make the reservation. With certain programmes, you can check availability and book your cruise online without having to contact our staff by clicking the "Book now" button.

How can I book a cruise?

By completing and submitting the form belonging to each product. With certain programmes, you can check availability, make a reservation, and make payment online without having to contact our staff. In cases where the programme does not have the option to book online, the reservation is only made after formalisation in writing by one of our employees, after checking the availability of the desired cruise and after the payment (in full) of the respective amount. (and submission of proof of payment). It is also possible to book through our telephone (+351 226 191 090), through our email ( or directly at our offices.

I want to book a cruise. How can I pay?

Payment can be made by bank transfer or directly at our facilities in cash or by debit or credit card. For reservations made directly on our site, payment may be made by ATM reference or Visa or Mastercard credit card. For more information you can consult our page about Payment Methods.

Is my reservation automatically confirmed after submitting the request?

If you made a reservation via online, and made the payment, yes, your seat is reserved. However, if you sent us a reservation request via backoffice, it is under review. We will respond to your request on a first come, first served basis, and the pre-booking will be valid after we send you the confirmation email and payment details. The reservation is only confirmed if you make the full payment, within the deadline previously set. Your reservation will be automatically cancelled if you do not pay before the deadline.

What documentation do I have to bring?

You must print and bring the boarding voucher we sent you by email (one voucher per booking is enough). If your programme includes accommodation or other visits, you should also take the respective vouchers to the other services. Do not forget your personal identification (Citizen Card of the reservation holder, or Passport, if the holder is a foreigner). Please note that in Portugal it is mandatory for all citizens to always have an official ID card with them.

How much time in advance should I attend the cruise departure location?

Please show up at the indicated location about 15 minutes ahead of time. This makes check-in faster, and we avoid any mishaps that may arise.

Can I request a refund for a cruise?

Yes. You are entitled to a refund whenever the cruise is cancelled by Douro Cruises. You can also claim a refund as long as the order is placed 15 days prior to the cruise departure date.

What does "Up" and "Down" mean in the title of the programmes?

In most programmes, the boat trip is only one way. For example, on the "Porto-Régua-Porto (Upstream)" cruise the trip to Régua is by boat (upstream the Douro River) and the return trip to Porto is by tourism bus. In contrast, on the "Porto-Régua-Porto (Downstream)" cruise, the trip to Régua is by tourism bus and the return to Porto is on board of a boat (downstream the Douro River). In programmes referred to as "Up and Down", this designation means that the trip is always by boat.

How long are Gift Vouchers valid?

Our Gift Vouchers are valid for one year. After this validity entered on the voucher, it will automatically expire. It is important to check the frequency of the cruise offered beforehand, as there are programmes that do not run throughout the year. This information can be consulted in the respective programme or by contacting us.

I would like to buy a Gift Voucher. What is the necessary procedure?

Just fill in the form or contact us by phone (+351 226 191 090), email ( or directly at our facilities. Choose one of the programmes available on our website, or an amount to offer, and upon payment we will send you the Gift Voucher.

I was offered a Gift Voucher. How and when can I use it?

The voucher indicates the programme or amount that was offered. To be able to use this gift just contact us by phone (+351 226 191 090), e-mail ( or directly at our facilities, to schedule the desired date. All Gift Vouchers are schedule upon availability. Please note that Gift Vouchers expire automatically once they reach the validity date that appears on them.

Do Douro River cruises take place all year round?

No. With the exception of the 6-Bridge Cruise, the Douro Experiences Programme, the Pinhão-Romaneira-Pinhão Cruise, the Pinhão-Tua-Pinhão Cruise and the Pinhão Treasures programme, the remaining cruises are seasonal or allusive to a specific date (Theme Cruises). The programmes that involve the passage of dams only take place between April and November, since the Douro dams close for maintenance. Each programme shows the frequency of its execution.

What are "Theme Cruises"?

We consider "Theme Cruises" all cruises that are allusive to a specific date or celebration and therefore only take place during that period. This category includes programmes such as St. Valentine cruises, St. John cruises, Harvest cruises, among other occasions or famous periods.

The place of departure and arrival of the trip is different. Is the transfer between the two locations included in the price?

No. No transfers are included unless they are mentioned in the programme.

My group and I would like to make a special program on Douro but we are less than 25 people. Can we be included on your “Special programs for Groups”?

No. Our proposals for Special Programs for Groups are specifically design for groups with 25 people, at least. For groups with less than 25 persons, these programs are not feasible. The other groups should choose among the programs on the website.

Is night navigation allowed?

Night navigation is considered the time between sunset and sunrise and is only allowed in the riverside area of Porto. All custom cruises made during this period are subject to the nightly shipping fee. After midnight, all boats must, mandatorily, be moored.

Is smoking allowed inside the boat?

No. It is expressly prohibited to smoke inside any boat. The only area allowed is on the outside deck.

Can I order a different menu?

The menu served on board is set in advance and is currently prepared by our Chefs. However, if you have food allergies or intolerances or are vegetarian, you can order a different meal. In order to carry this out, please let us know at the time of booking.

Are animals accepted on board?

No. The only animals allowed on board are guide dogs.

Do boats have a pool and lift?

Some Ship-Hotels have a pool and a lift.

Are drinks included in the price of the programmes?

Drinks are included in meals as indicated in the programme. All other drinks must be purchased and paid for directly at the boat bar.

Is there internet on board?

In Ship-Hotels there is a Wireless Internet system that allows the Customer to have one or two hours of Internet, depending on the desired and requested Voucher at the reception of the Ship.

I did not arrive at the place of departure in time. What can I do?

Failure to appear at the indicated time at the place of departure implies loss of entitlement to the programme and no reimbursement. In this case, you can contact us to see if there is any alternative (without compromise).

If you are late, please contact the emergency number on the voucher to contact the crew directly.

How can I learn more about the company Cruzeiros no Douro?

In addition to the information on our website, you can consult our Blog and Facebook page.

Does my reservation include any travel insurance?

Cruzeiros Douro's liability is guaranteed by insurances required by Portuguese law.

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