3 Best Douro River Cruises and Historical Train

3 Best Douro River Cruises and Historical Train

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3 Best Douro River Cruises and Historical Train
Portugal is a unique destination due to its historical, natural and cultural richness. The territory is full of emblematic places that bring together the best of national gastronomy and traditions. For those seeking to explore the north of the country, the Douro region is an obligatory stop. Known for its unique landscapes, here it is possible to carry out different and exclusive activities which enable direct contact with the people and customs of the land, in communion with the surrounding nature.

The Douro region is distinguished by its unequalled natural beauty. The landscape is characterized by vineyards associated with wine production. The Douro River is a fundamental element of the territory and is strictly connected to local agricultural practice and commerce.

The panoramic view allows one to appreciate the majesty of the river and the green fields, in perfect harmony with the small properties and farms created and managed by the communities. The place conveys a unique tranquility, due to the surrounding natural scenery and the authenticity of its products and customs.



Historical Train in the Douro

The Historical Train in the Douro was created in the first half of the 20th century, in 1925. The locomotive is made up of 5 carriages with a capacity for 250 passengers. It circulates during the summer months and provides visitors with a journey full of charm and enchantment.

The Douro train journey starts at Régua station and heads first to Pinhão station. This one is known for its 24 tile panels, which emphasize the local people and customs. Some say it is the most beautiful station of the Douro Line!

Then it sets off towards Tua, the final stop. Along the way, the surrounding landscape becomes rockier and more accentuated. Almost at its destination the train crosses the emblematic iron bridge. Already in Tua you will be able to contemplate the fascinating view of the Alto Douro Wine Region. Later the train returns to Régua.

This is a very popular itinerary for families and couples. During the trip you will be able to taste the typical Bôla and the traditional Port Wine and enjoy a musical moment provided by a local group.

If you would like to discover and explore what the region has to offer, get to know our Douro river cruise and historical train programs!



Porto - Régua Cruise and Historical Train

For those looking to spend an incredible day exploring the Douro, Porto - Régua Cruise and Historical Train is the right option.

The experience begins with a cruise departing from Porto. On board the boat you can enjoy a regional breakfast on the waters of the Douro river. The boat continues its course along the banks of the river and allows you to observe the steep slopes that are characteristic of the area.

After lunch served on the cruise you will have the opportunity to travel along the Douro Line, in the historical locomotive. The Douro train allows you to have a unique perspective of the area on a journey marked by the charm of the natural surroundings.




Régua - Pinhão Cruise and Historical Train

Even if you have little time, it is always worth visiting the Douro! In just half a day, you can venture out on the Régua - Pinhão Cruise and Historical Train.

The boat departs from Régua, and the lunch is served on board. The meal is made with products from the area. During the meal, the boat ride allows you to observe the local nature, providing moments of relaxation.

After lunch, you can take the Douro train trip. The locomotive journey is mostly along the riverside and allows you to appreciate the rich landscape, as if it were a real back in time travel.




3 days: Douro Historical Train

The program of 3 days: Douro Historical Train offers a longer experience for those interested in knowing in detail the Alto Douro Wine Region.

The cruise starts its journey in Vila Nova de Gaia quay, with a representative breakfast of the area. Then it continues towards Régua. After lunch, you will visit a regional farm and taste the Port Wine. At the end of the day, back at the four-star hotel, you will still have some free time to explore the surrounding area.

On the second day, after breakfast at the hotel, you may explore the area on your own. At lunchtime, the cruise awaits you at Régua, bound for Pinhão. The day will be marked by outdoor activities such as a hiking tour. Later, you will board the Historic Douro Train at Pinhão station. The route is internationally recognized for its charm, and it will put your senses to the test. The day will end with dinner served at the hotel.

On the last day, a transfer will take you to Lamego, where you can explore some historical sites such as the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios. Later, the transfer will head to Vila Nova de Gaia where the visit ends.




The Douro region is emblematic for its unique cultural landscape, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The place is rich in history and tradition and provides its visitors a unique opportunity to experience moments of connection with the surrounding nature and with the people of the land.

One of the Douro's most emblematic experiences is the Historical Train journey. During the summer months, the Douro train allows thousands of people to appreciate the beauty of the land. The route is characterized by many as a true journey into the past.

For those who want to be dazzled by the region and get to know the place from different perspectives, the Douro river cruise and historical train tours are the ideal opportunity. With variable duration, the itineraries include meals on board, cultural visits and boat and locomotive rides.

Come to Douro region and don't miss the opportunity to discover its unparalleled beauty!


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