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The Douro Experiences you can’t miss for Next Year

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The Douro Experiences Not to Be Missed in 2020
New Year… new experiences! The start of a new year and a new decade is often a source of inspiration for risking that long-delayed Douro experience. Radical cruise? Brunch on board? Lunch or dinner? There are several answers to your wish for new experiences for 2020.

Would you like to start the year and the decade with a Douro Cruise experience? With the arrival of 2020, we have prepared for you a diverse program of activities that include a radical cruise, one with brunch on board, or the proposal to spend a day sailing the Douro without having to worry about lunch or dinner.

This new year is a good motto to meet with friends and family with whom there was not even time to be around Christmas. The social requests are increasingly, but we must not forget who has always been by our side.

On this cruise, you have the opportunity to live not only gastronomic experiences in the Douro, but also nature experiences with the landscapes you will be able to enjoy, and also make authentic photographic expeditions with the company of Douro. You will leave this cruise more aware that each sense contributes to a more intense experience of life.

Be sure to accompany us on this new calendar page, where experiences of private cruises in the Douro will be unique and will provide excellent meets with family or friends.

On New Year's Eve, you may have even asked for twelve new experiences, which we will surely offer you in various parts of the Douro landscape this year.

Slowly, we will contemplate the stones that for centuries make up the landscape, the green places full of moisture, the wild nature and the birds that resist our winter. However, there is always something to snack on board while the next meal is prepared. Unleash what everyday stress that tends to build up and start the year on a Douro cruise with lunch or dinner on board.

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