Special programmes for schools: Field trips in the Douro

A fun and educational field trip in the Douro!

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Special programmes for schools: Field trips in the Douro
Have you thought about taking your students to spend a different day of adventure and sharing in the heart of the Douro? School cruises are an excellent way to promote education and human relationships between students and teachers.

Who doesn't remember childhood and adolescence field trips? The excitement of the preparations? The night before with no sleep in anticipation of the discovery?

A field trip in the Douro complements school subjects, being framed in the themes covered in the school year, in addition to encouraging team spirit and companionship. In addition, a school cruise also helps to promote a healthy lifestyle thanks to its playful outdoor component, breathing the fresh air of the Douro with its green banks.


Special Programs for Schools in the Douro

Here, you will find unique programs with special and exclusive prices for schools. The study visits are educational, but also fun and include visits to museums, in addition to the cruise, in programs adapted to various ages.

School cruises include a visit to the Porto Legends space - The Underground Experience - immersive audiovisual experience about the legends of Porto, and a video mapping show, at the Furnas da Alfândega, which transports us to a reality with more than two thousand years of history.

It also includes a textbook made exclusively for Douro bridges cruise and which includes six illustrated activities that accompany a history of local references, a participation diploma, and even a mini charcoal pencil. The young people who embark with us have guaranteed laughter on this educational adventure outside of school.

Study visits are one of the means that most stimulates students, who, evidently, are quite motivated and enthusiastic about leaving school. Despite having the motto of fun associated with it, this tour consists of several moments of learning that favor the acquisition of knowledge and provide personal development, through the active involvement of students in the construction of their own learning.

A cruise to schools in the Douro is, without a doubt, new material learned without homework.

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