Douro Valley and Historical Train: A Complete Guide

Douro Valley and Historical Train: A Complete Guide

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Discover the magical Douro region on an unforgettable boat tour aboard a historic train from the last century. Enjoy the natural beauty and history as you travel back in time. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed landscape is a must-see for lovers of landscapes that resemble works of art!

Natural beauty and history. Today’s suggestion combines the best of both worlds.

The Douro region is one of the most magical places in Portugal (and even in the world). Our recommendation includes an experience that will make a Douro ride (that it’s incredible on its own) an even more unforgettable experience: a ride on a Historical Train from the 1920’s.

That’s right, it’s one of the most beautiful journeys ever, where you can travel on a steam train and its 5 historical coaches, traveling through the Régua station until the Tua station.

It’s a journey back through time along a unique landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage since 2001. An unmissable experience for those who love landscapes that look like a postcard and for those who would love to travel in time just for a day.

What to do in Douro Valley in 1 day?

The sublimated Douro […] It’s not a panorama that the eyes contemplate: it is an excess of nature […] A geological poem. Absolute beauty. Miguel Torga, in “Diário XI”.

Want to take advantage of the Douro region’s potential? Here’s our guide to help you out! 

Take a Cruise from Porto to Régua

Embark on a boat ride through Douro river from Vila Nova de Gaia (Porto) to Peso da Régua. Enjoy the magic scenario during an unforgettable morning, where you can relish a delicious breakfast and lunch aboard: a dream experience!

The journey takes us up the Crestuma-Lever and Carrapatelo dam, and the views look like they’re taken from a movie. 

Get on the Historical Train

Landing in Régua, it’s time for the next step of our incredible experience.  The journey from here to Tua and back to Régua is taken on Douro Historical Train, a traditional locomotive from the 1920’s, taking 5 historical coaches, also from the same era.

The ride through the Douro Line, between Régua and Tua, is a unique experience that allows you to appreciate the breathtaking Douro landscapes that combine man-made work and nature. Enjoy the beautiful vineyards and villages that define the Douro Wine Region.

For 36 kilometers and at a speed that doesn’t exceed 50 km/h, the steam train runs along the section between Régua and Tua, allowing passengers to peacefully enjoy some of the most stunning scenery from Douro. It’s a special path that takes us back in time.

Leaving Régua behind, the train crosses the metal bridge over the Corgo river to the Bagaúste dam (dated from 1973). The train takes us to Pinhão, a town that has a railway station considered as the most beautiful one from the Douro Line. Through the windows of the passenger coaches one can contemplate a green and stunning scenery drawn by the wine-growing terraces, a man-made masterpiece.

Appreciate the landscape and get to know Tua’s region

Arriving at Tua’s train station, also an important place for history, it’s possible to assess and see the important railway heritage that is part of the Douro Valley industrial legacy.

At Tua, it’s time to take a break and appreciate the Douro River, while waiting for the ride back to Régua, with a different point of view of this rich landscape.

Don’t forget to eternalize this moment, so you can have memories of this magic day to share with your loved ones!

What is the best time of the year to take the Historical Train?

You can take this ride between June and October. A great option to include in your summer plans with family!

If you’re looking for a way to get to know the Douro region combining natural beauty, great food and the possibility of living a unique experience to the past, a Douro Cruise with a Historical Train ride is the right choice. It’s great for those who love to enjoy beautiful places peacefully and to live fulfilling experiences.

If you liked the idea, ecoTravel can help you make this dream experience come true. Get to know in detail our Douro Cruise with a Historical Train ride. We take care of everything. You only have to focus on relaxing and on delighting with magic Douro.

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