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Douro as the main stage for Valentine's Day

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The best Valentine's Day is in the Douro
Do you need to rekindle the flame with your significant other, but don't know where to start? Do you want to make up for some of the time lost on these cold winter days? On this Valentine's Day, you can put your most romantic plans into practice according to your wishes and needs. Find out which experience is best for you.

Do I love you or do I admire you? For each intensity of feelings, there is a cruise in the Douro valley suitable for this Valentine's Day 2020.

If love is in the air, how about taking your partner on a boat trip?

The Douro, by itself, already has a very unique romanticism that, with a little help from our professionals, manages to recreate the perfect atmosphere for a passionate night.


Origin of Valentine's Day

The most widespread version says that, by the time of the 3rd century, Emperor Claudius II, wanting to form a powerful Roman army, decided to temporarily prohibit the celebration of weddings to ensure that young people were more easily focused on war and military life.

However, Bishop Valentine went against orders and continued to celebrate weddings, now in hiding. The affront to the Emperor's will meant that Valentine ended up in prison and sentenced to death.

Until his execution, he received flowers and letters (which explains the exchange of postcards, letters and gifts, nowadays) sent by anonymous people as a show of support and consideration for his conduct.


A romantic cruise

While children have fun with video-games, at the home of friends or family, on that program constantly postponed because of homework, parents relax peacefully on a cruise in the Douro with a sumptuous dinner on board and matching drinks, on a night where there is no lack of musical entertainment (with DJ or background music, depending on your choice).

On the other hand, and because in the matters of the heart there are always several phases to beware of, this program is also recommended for those who start each morning with butterflies in their stomach, with more will to do their routine tasks and remember their loved one in different situations throughout the day. The passion phase, therefore.

The relaxing cruise begins with an aperitif cocktail as you prepare to taste an appetizing warm soup with the most tasty and elegant extras of the moment.

By this time, we already wish that you are so relaxed that you can finally dedicate yourselves to dating and enjoying the presence of your significant other, giving way to a complete experience with the Douro kissing the boat, and a sensory experience with all the elements for your delight for just over three and a half hours.

For those who like to enjoy Port and Douro wines, the night does not end without an “Elixir do Amor”, made by the best nectars in the Douro region.

At the end of the night, love and companionship are what truly matter when returning to the Pier. Choose your cruise and come and celebrate Valentine's Day gazing the Douro!

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