The best programs to celebrate Women's Day in the Douro

Celebrate Women's Day on board a cruise in the Douro

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The best programs to celebrate Women's Day in the Douro
We are not extremists or complainers, and maybe the celebrations today can be questionable. But we think about equal rights and opportunities, so why deprive yourself of the right to have a day just to pamper yourself? Embark on a special Women's Day cruise and enjoy yourself.

To reflect on what it means to be a woman is also to strive to build a more balanced inner image and, as sometimes to be reminded that it is indeed true that we can only be better for others if we are 100% with ourselves.


The best suggestions for Women's Day

Here we leave you an irresistible suggestion to truly enjoy your Women's Day as it deserves, getting involved in a relaxing moment, and immersing yourself in the deep and always beautiful Douro landscapes.

Although every day is a day to honor the female condition, we suggest this activity that you can do in these days that are already beginning to predict the arrival of spring.

Cheer up to regain that energy of yours that, after a rigorous winter, has been a little off and try a special program aboard the Women's Day Cruise - Gold, “the most beautiful in the Douro”. On March 7, participate in our party through the night, with a boat trip across the bridges of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, a special dinner on board and entertainment with DJ. Or, if you prefer, on March 8, embark with us for an unforgettable Women's Day. The best program in the Douro to celebrate the day can end up becoming a great occasion to also prepare a photo session on board: 6 Bridges cruise with special lunch on board and DJ entertainment.


International Women's Day in the Douro

March 8, since 1975, has been marked by the United Nations as International Women's Day, a way of honoring the achievements of women and the fight against prejudice, be it racial, sexual, political, cultural, linguistic or economic. These days, women should be more united than ever, so why not celebrate Women's Day with a celebration of female friendship?

Trips with friends can be memorable and a getaway of friendship is always an opportunity to remember what unites you.

As we like to live life in a good mood, and to celebrate in a group, here we leave you these two advisable ways to live and to have fun on your day: Women's Day. If you prefer the enigmatic Douro, you have a program until 1:00 am, but if you prefer the almost spring sunshine, we have an afternoon until 5:00 pm full of pleasures. Because you deserve special moments!

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