Pure and deep Douro flavor: the enchanting Port Wine

Pure and Deep Douro Flavor: Ruby Port Will Surprise You

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Walking around the Douro region, visiting one of the most famous and traditional Douro Quintas, is our proposal for this week. For this, we suggest you embark on a cruise between Porto and Pinhão, in the heart of the Alto Douro Wine Region.

The serenity and tradition of this region, with the vine terraces meandering the river, invite you for a relaxing boat ride and a glass of Port wine savored to appreciate this majestic landscape. Rio always present in this discovery of the Douro Wine Region. Unhurriedly, continue this journey of senses and flavors, visiting one of the region's centuries-old farms.


Stunning beauty landscape



Upon arrival at Pinhão, located on the right bank of the Douro River, a unique landscape dotted with farms and manor houses with the charm and charm of the Douro Vinhateiro. A stop at the train station is mandatory. Built in the nineteenth century is known as one of the most beautiful in the world, with its representative tiles of wine production. Watching these panels is like traveling through history and discovering the roots of the Douro people.


Pinhão Station, one of the most beautiful in the world


Pinhão is considered the geographical center of the Douro Demarcated Region, so many of the wine producing farms are located here. So we invite you to continue this trip with a visit to a farm, stroll among the vineyards and taste the delicious nectar, the Port wine.


Charming farms located on the slopes of the River


A complete, serene and elegant day is what we propose with this cruise experience, which will transport you from Porto to Pinhão. A journey through the history, flavors and traditions of this beautiful region.

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