Reviews of Cruzeiros Douro

Carla Soares: Oporto – Régua – Oporto Cruise (Upstream)

I would like to thank all of you for your sympathy, sincerity and honesty. Yesterday, the cruise was so great. Everything was as promised. Congratulations to all for your excellent work. I loved it! It was a wonderful cruise. Best wishes, everything good to all of you and keep with your excellent work!

Ana Paula Pereira & Paul Aragon: Régua – Pinhão – Régua Cruise

Our cruise Régua – Pinhão – Régua was awesome. We enjoyed so much and we want to thank you for your attention to us. Thank you!

Maria Fernanda Quejas: Oporto – Régua – Oporto Cruise (Downstream)

I would like to thank you for all the kindness and attention that you gave to me, regarding to the Douro Cruise that I wanted to offer to my dear uncles Franklin Antonio Jonet, wife and his cousins, all of them U. S. residents and on holidays on our sweet and beautiful Portugal!

In fact, they came delighted with the boat ride and they expressed great satisfaction with all the organization. Congratulation for providing these nice moments to those who visit us. Once more… thank you for everything!

Alcides Augusto Andrade: Régua – Barca d’Alva – Régua Cruise

Everything happened as planed: the weather was great, kindness and friendliness of the crew, a wonderful day... Best wishes!