Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

1 – Can I book a cruise directly on the Website?

No. The booking request is made by completing and submitting the form pertaining to each product, or via the "reservations" button on the main menu. This action indicates to our operators that a Customer wants to book a trip. Then, one of our operators will contact you in order to formalize the request, check the availability of the desired cruise and proceed to booking the cruise.

2 – How can I book a cruise?

The Customer can book a cruise by completing and sending the form pertaining to each product or via the "reservations" button on the main menu. It is also possible to request a book via our phone (+351 220 108 022), through our email ( or directly at our offices. This action indicates to our operators that a Customer wants to book a cruise. The booking is only registered ​​after formalized by one of our operators, after verifying the availability of the desired cruise and after made ​​the payment of the respective amount (and after the submission of the proof of payment).

3 – I want to book the cruise that I requested. How can I pay it?

The payment is made by bank transfer or directly at our offices (in cash). For the “last minute” bookings (…) the payment must be done by credit card. For more informations about payments methods and conditions, please contact us or check our Payment Methods page on this website.

4 – May I claim a cruise refund?

Yes. You are entitled refunded when the cruise is cancelled by us. You can also request a refund if the refund request is made 15 days prior to the date of cruise departure.

5 – What is the procedure for making a complaint?

You should do a writing complaint within five (5) days after the end of our services.

6 – What is the meaning of “upstream” or “downstream” in the title of some programs?

In most programs, the boat trip takes place only in one way or return. For example, “Oporto – Régua – Oporto Cruise (Upstream)”, we want to tell to the Customer the trip to the strip os carried by boat (up Douro River) and the return trip to Oporto is made by train. In contraste, Oporto – Régua – Oporto Cruise (Downstream), the trip to the strip is carried by train and the return to Oporto is carried on board (down Douro River). Some programs are indicated as “Upstream & Downstream”. This designation means that the journey is entirely made by boat.

7 – Vouchers are valid until December 2019?

Yes. Vouchers (including vouchers that were purchased in 2018) are valid until December 2019. However, is very important to timely verify the frequency of the cruise that was offered, since there are cruises that do not take place throughout the year. This information can be found on the itineraries or with one of our operators. For Vouchers purchased in 2018 is important to note that any price change is supported by the recipient of the Voucher. However, the Douro Cruises guarantees that any price differences that may exist will be minimal.

8 – I would like to buy a Voucher. What is the procedure?

You should fill out the appropriate form or contact one of our operators by phone (+351 220 108 022), by e-mail ( or directly on our offices. Choose one of the programs available on our website and, after payment, we will send you the voucher.

9 – I received a Voucher. How and when can I use it?

The voucher indicates the name of the cruise offered. To take advantage of this please contact one of our operators by phone (+351 220 108 022), by e-mail ( or directly at our offices, in order to check the availability of the desired date.

10 – All Douro Cruises are made throughout the year?

No. With the exception of 6 Bridges Douro Cruise, the other cruises are seasonal or alluding to a specific date (Special Cruises). The cruises which involve the passage of dams are carried only between April and November, since the dams in Douro River must close for maintenance. In each program the Customer can check the frequency of the cruise.

11 – What do you mean with “Special Cruises”?

We considered “Special Cruises”, the cruises which are alluded to a specific date and, for this reason, are only carried during that time. On this category we include programs like St. Valentine’s Day Cruises, St. João Cruises, Harvest Cruises, among others special (Portuguese) occasions.

12 – The departure and the arrival local are different. The transfer is included?

No. The price does not includes any transfer, unless is mentioned on the program.

13 – My group and I would like to make a special program on Douro but we are less than 25 persons. Can we be included on your “Special programs for Groups”?

No. Our proposals for Special Programs for Groups are specifically design for groups with 25 persons, at least. For groups with less than 25 persons, these programs are not feasible. The other groups should choose among the programs on the website.

14 – The night navigation is allowed?

Nigh navigation is the period between the sunset and the 00:00 p.m. hours. This navigation is allowed only on Oporto’s river banks. All cruises made during this period must pay a night navigation fee (included on price). After the mid-night all boats must be moored.

15 – May I smoke inside the boat/ship?

No. It’s strictly forbidden to smoke inside any boat. We only permit smoke  on the outside deck.

16 – Pets are allowed on board?

No. We only allowed guide dogs or other animal for support.

17 – The boats have pool and elevator?

Some Hotel-Ships have pool and elevator. The Customer can ask this information to the operator who made his booking.

18 – Drinks are included on the price?

No. The drinks are not included on the price, expect when this information is mentioned in the program.

19 – There are Internet on board?

In Hotel-Ships there is a Wireless system that permit to have Internet access during one ou two hours, depending on the voucher required on the receipt of the ship.

20 – How can I find more information about your company, Cruzeiros Douro?

In addition to the information contained on this website, you can visit (and follow) us on Facebook and Google+.