An expert team specialized in Douro River Cruises and Luxury Douro Programs.
This year we were considered the only Tour Operator in Portugal awarded with the prize "Best Tourism 2017".


Sales Department Team, specialized on Douro Cruises

Helena Azevedo

Helena Azevedo

Liliana Pinto

Liliana Pinto

Inês Sousa

Inês Sousa

Tânia Nogueira

Tânia Nogueira

Why travel with us?

We have the largest offer of Douro Cruises, at very competitive prices. In addition, we plan and organize group trips on Douro Region, whether they are corporate or entertaining nature.

We work with the best tourism partners, to ensure the success and the high quality of our services. We undertake to ensure the sustainability of Douro natural resources inherent to our business, prosecuting an Eco and Responsible Tourism and allowing the preservation and conservation of the natural heritage of Douro Region.

For the second year in a row, we won the status of Excellence, a reputation seal awarded by the Portugal Tourism to distinguish the companies with superior performance. We also were the only Tour Operator in Portugal awarded with the “Best Tourism 2017".

About Cruzeiros Douro

Customer Satisfaction - Customer satisfaction is our main priority.

Ethics, Integrity and Trust - We pledge to always create economic value relationships based on ethics, integrity and trust, with our customers and business partners.

Innovation - We know that innovate means taking risks but we believe that with this philosophy we can improve our abilities and continue to offer the high quality and diversity attributable to us.

Ambition and Passion - We like to evolve. We (always) want to do more and better. We set rigorous goals that allow us the high quality that is our image.

Environmental Responsibility - We are committed to the preservation and conservation of the natural heritage of Portugal, respecting fully the rules for the use of natural resources inherent to our business.

Social Responsibility - We preserve a philosophy of a social responsibility and we are glad for helping to improve the society in which we live.

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