Payments & Conditions

Douro Cruises provides efficient and quick payment methods and conditions for all our costumers, even when abroad.

The reservations can be paid via wire transfer, credit card or directly at our office. You can also choose to make the payment via online. The payments must be made fully and before the date of the cruise, in order to secure the reservation.

Payment with Credit Card

You can pay with credit card through a safe online payment method. The payment is processed in a safe way, from your card to Douro Cruises' bank account (Ecotravel Group) through a third entity which processes the payment (Redunicre).

The payment with credit card doesn't include the payment of any additional fee. Any inherent fee for this transaction will be charged directly to our company.

Payments and Conditions: Credit Card

Payment by ATM Reference or Bank Transfer

Customers abroad, which own a Portuguese bank account, can pay by ATM Reference (at an ATM machine or through Homebanking), or even through Bank Transfer (this last method is not available for online reservations).

Payment by ATM Reference or Bank Transfer doesn't include the payment of any additional fee.

Payment Term Limit

Bookings are only considered valid after payment of the full amount. After said payment, we will send you via email an invoice and a receipt regarding your purchase, as well as a voucher you must print and present on the cruise departure date.

Reservations made in advance

For reservations made in advance (meaning 72 hours before the cruise departure date), and regardless of the chosen payment method, clients must pay within the first 24h after booking. After this time limit, all reservations left unpaid will be automatically cancelled.

Last minute reservations

For last minute reservations (meaning less than 72 hours preceding the cruise departure date) clients have until 12h (noon) of the day before the cruise departure to pay. After this time limit, all reservations left unpaid will be automatically cancelled.

Reservation of cruise on Hotel-Ship

In Cruises on Hotel-Ships the payment should be made in phases:

  • 20 % when the cruise is requested
  • 80 % over 30 days before the date of the cruise departure

The non-compliance of these rules will mean the cancellation of the pre-booking, without reimbursement.

Cancellations or Changes of the Booking

In case of cancellation for this booking, we will proceed to the full reimbursement of the amount paid as long as the cancellation is communicated to us with (at least) 72 hours advance in relation to the cruise departure date. To proceed with the cancellation of your booking, contact us (see Contacts).

We can proceed with changes in your booking after your payment. For this purpose you must contact us (see Contacts).

More Information

For more information, please read the Terms and Conditions of Douro Cruises or contact us by phone (+351 220 108 022), via e-mail ( or directly at our offices.

According to the law nº 144/2015, in order to solve consumption conflicts, we informe that you must contact the arbitral comission of Tourism of Portugal at